Come, Let’s Create Kusudama

It’s indeed sad that people resort to lifting content from another site passing it off as their own. As far as I know, when the ‘source’ of an article is given, it only means that you can take the idea from that source and interpret in your own way and give a new dimension to the post. Sadly, the person who stole our content is yet to realize this.

Okay, these things apart, we have to move on and start focusing on the reason why Thekeybunch exists; to focus on design and interiors. Here we go.. Remember the last post where you learned making realistic paper flowers? Here is another site that teaches you some wonderful paper craft. I loved the way these flowers are made and thought of sharing it with you.
is one DIY site that is filled with loads of information on paper craft, quilling and recycling. The step-by-step instructions for making the Japanese Kusudama(paper ball made of multiple origami shapes and glued together) are easy to follow and you’ll have real fun making them and decorating your abode.
Let me know how they turned out.

In case you are still having trouble making them, check the video below and try it out.

How To Fold A Japanese Paper Ball (Kusudama) -

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