Drool: State-of-the-Art Kitchen Range Hoods

Kitchen appliances these days seem to be getting exciting makeovers and anything related to kitchens is sure to excite me. There are people who insist on everything artistic, and why not? Isn’t it boring to see the same look in every home you drop by?

No wonder then, Futuro futuro, the Italian company that specializes in luxury kitchen range hoods has come up with its state-of-the-art Murano collection. The collection portrays kitchen range hoods in a completely different light. The stunning visuals on the chimneys add oomph to the normally boring kitchens.

Obviously, exclusivity comes with a price tag and this one is no different. The chimneys will lighten your wallet by $2,095. Now, take a look and say if you would like to give your kitchen a glamorous makeover.
via: Hometone

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