Eco-friendly VivaTerra

Despite knowing the value of using eco-friendly products, we often don't end up buying them either because they are highly priced, lack aesthetics, or sometimes, because they are simply 'different'. So, I felt rather serendipitous when I chanced upon, an eco products site that blends great colors, designs and looks.

From bath mats that are made of real river stones, woven baskets made from African grass, to dyed cushion covers embroidered by Nepali tribal men, herb wreaths, and christmas gifts, go take your pick.
What's more, they have products like this bangle picture frame and this Candy wrapper clutch in the below $ 50 range, so that beats the price problem too.
Have a look at some of their popular designs.

The site goes that extra mile by planting trees for each product sold under some of the product categories. Now, that's something I'll be happy to contribute to. Here's to our environment!

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