Honey, my blog post has been plagiarized!

Imagine my surprise when Rekha pasted this link in my chat window.

It opened up on a page that had the exact same content as this post of mine dated November 11, 2008. To my surprise, the post also had the same date as mine. How clever was that! As if to appease me, the blog has a thekeybunch.com posted below an ad banner at the end of the post. What about the links to Seyie's design blog? Unfair!

Well, have any of you bloggers been caught in something like this? Did you take action? If you don't want to discuss it here, please send me an email on sharoncolaco@gmail.com.

I have done a 'who is' search, and discovered the web registration company of the site. I am determined to get to the bottom of this. Will keep you posted.

Sorry about the off-topic post, but I simply had to share this.