Out of the blue!

Image: Sanjayausta
Blue never looked so appealing!
Blue has never been my favorite color. Maybe it’s got to do with the navy blue school uniform I wore for a couple of years. I still hesitate to pick up anything in blue when it comes to décor products. While Blue is supposed to have a calming effect on one’s mind, I wonder why people associate the same color with depressing moods! I decided to check out how blue looks in décor and believe me; I was convinced of its serene influence when I saw some stunning effects. What color dominates your décor?

Image: Amanda Leung
Beautiful medley of blue on blue

Image: Gyda Bjorg
How about some blue for Xmas?

I simply adore this one!

Image: Sarah-nussbaumer
Shall we call this 'blue thumb'!?

Image: Vueltaa
Finally, a splash in the blue pool!

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