{Update} Honey, my blog post has been plagiarized!

Hi, thanks for your tremendous response and suggestions. This is an update on yesterday's post. After I asked the offenders to either give adequate clickable links back to The Key Bunch, or just delete the post, they sent me an email saying they have deleted it. I just went back to double check, and there it still was! So back went an email reminding them to delete the post.

In a few minutes I got a very threatening email challenging me to take action against them. I will not post the contents of the email yet, but I can tell you it was nasty. If the email was meant to scare me off, it hasn't worked. If anything, it's made The Key Bunch even more determined.

Well, that's the update. We need help, support and comments from all you other bloggers. Let's not take plagiarization lying down.

Lest you are wondering if this interiors blog has suddenly turned into a legal one, I assure you, we will be back with a proper interiors post soon.