Organic veggies at your doorstep for free!?

Imagine each one of us growing veggies in our own backyards, balconies, window sills and bartering them with neighbors and friends instead of making daily trips to supermarket or bargaining with the pushcart vendor. Sounds too good to be true? Not quite….

I was invited for a presentation on soil-less cultivation with a promise of growing my own pesticide free veggies in my backyard. Sure, I am no green thumb, but the thought of growing my own organic produce without soil did excite me.

What was it all about? The presentation by Prakash, the brain behind the petbharo project was on Hydroponics, the art of cultivation of plants in nutrient solution rather than in soil. Basically, you are providing all the nutrients found in the soil in the solution thereby eliminating the need of soil as the medium.

The advantages as Prakash puts it is that you do away with the weeds thereby reducing the time and labor. There are no worries of soil-borne diseases and you are doing yourself and the world a favor by using recycled materials such as disposable packaging material, coconut husk, wood, etc as the medium.

Well, to be honest....I was awestruck at the thought of growing veggies to cater to my daily needs in limited space. Check out this hydroponics blog for better ideas.

Want to know more? Participate in training course
in Hydroponics / Soil-less cultivation by The Institute Of Simplified Hydroponics, India commencing from mid Jan 2009 to end Feb 2009 in Bangalore.


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