Pretty potpourri X'mas pouches

Make beautiful potpourri pouches for your X'mas trees.
They will not only look interesting, but will smell good too!
Many thanks to Cristina and her niece InĂªs who have worked really hard putting this tutorial together for us.

To make these beautiful potpourri pouches you will need:

-2 pieces of fabric (organza has been used here)
-one piece made of crochet
-a thin golden string
-a crochet string to close the bag

Begin by putting the crochet piece and the pieces of organza together using 2 pins, then sew the crochet piece on the fabric with the thin golden string. Refer to the pictures above.

That done, put the 2 pieces of organza close, both of them reverse. Then iron the superior tips, turning them back to back.

Use a sewing machine to sew both the organza pieces (still kept reverse) together. Then sew again with a zig-zag line. Make a fold and iron again.

Now sew the fold tip around the pouch with the thin golden string, and repeat a little above, so that between them you have made a space to insert the string to tie the pouch.

With the bag turned the right side out, use a needle to make a hole where the strong sting can fit in. Insert the strong string inside the hole and pass the string around the bag.

Fill in the potpourri inside the pouch and tie the string to finish. Use your newly made pouch to pretty up your X'mas tree!

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