Window dressing with a twist!

Image credit: Ginsky
I have a fascination for wide window sills. This has to do with some of my fondest childhood memories of my summer vacations spent reading comics and playing on a wide window sill for hours at my cousin’s house. They had an unusual window sill which was a kind of mini-room with grills on either side of the wide sill with a beautiful pink bougainvillea creeper covering up the outer side of the grill, creating a virtual green wall. So much for my nostalgic memories....

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A window could be a favorite spot for reading, day-dreaming, coffee-time, bird watching, moon gazing, star-counting…..Oh whatever! It does mean something to most of us and beyond this for creative souls.

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It’s just not the sheers, drapes and blinds that are used to dressing up a window, a bit of imagination and everyday objects you find around you will do the trick.I am sure each of these window sills will have a story to share with fond memories attached to it.

Image credit: rainycity
Re-arranging knick-knacks is another interesting idea

Image credit: satjiwan
Grouping similar colored objects looks great on the sill.

Image credit: Kat Coyle
This idea shows that you don't need expensive things to do up your window

Image credit: Evaben
How about a kitchen garden to spruce up your window?
Do you like these ideas? Watch out for more windowsill ideas in the future posts.

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