Loose Ends: Stuff less ordinary!

If you happen to be house proud and enjoy things that are unusual, you shouldn’t miss Loose Ends, a lifestyle store located in Bandra, Mumbai. The store promises to stock refreshingly eclectic day-to-day stuff that have the classic ‘Made-in-India’ feel and things you are unlikely to find anywhere else. Some products could even make your grandparents go nostalgic!

Here’s what they say about their store
Who says a store has to be ordinary? Loose Ends - the store – is not born out of an idea. It is born, like all good things, out of conflict.

They also offer customized furniture and personalized products such as pillow covers, CD cases, lampshades and mugs to suit your needs. One thing’s for sure – each product screams ‘I’m different’! Check out their products and tell me what you think.

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