Valentine DIY guaranteed to move you to tears!

I recall some of my friends scouring the card shop for hours just to pick up the right card and gift for their beloved as valentine's day approached each year. Personally, I believe that love should be celebrated every moment and not wait for that day of the year.

While flowers and chocolates can't go wrong, nothing can beat a handcrafted gift made with TLC. I just fell in love with this idea of creating a valentine gift that’ll make you cry, literally!

The DIY project by Jeffery Rudell on craftstylish uses onion skins to come up with an unbelievable stunner. While you shed tears peeling onions for this project, your beloved will do the same seeing the efforts you have put in. The way to a man's heart may be through onions, after all!

The basic idea is very simple, peel onions and stick the onion skins on a sheet of paper and use it to create a gift box or a card. The effect: Brilliant! Now check out the project here, try it and let me know how many tears were shed!

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