Designer Spotlight: Chetan Sorab

Tamrus: Pickle and chutney holder, inspired by the shape of tamarind

Chetan Sorab is an award winning industrial designer whose work has been featured regularly in endless list of design blogs including yankodesign, TrendHunter, Gizmodo, Inventor spot and mocoloco. I remember writing about his Matchlight way back when I was a paid design blogger. So, when I received a comment for that post recently, I tracked back the link and found that I had written about an Indian designer.

Well, to make the long story short, I traced him back on his blog, epicenter design to request for a blog feature and here I am, showcasing him on our Designer Spotlight. Chetan, based in New Delhi is involved in designing automotive projects, environmental projects, and life style products. Most of his designs seem to be inspired by the everyday objects we see around us. I have a special corner for the unusual salt 'n' pepper shakers though. Take a look at his creations....and let me know what's your favorite.

FONT: Wine rack inspired by the English fonts

Batta: Salt n Pepper Shaker inspired by the obsolete weighing blocks

"There is no specific space or activity which inspires me but I guess its just the whole idea of adding an emotional connect to regular mundane objects which makes me think in a certain way." says Chetan.

Switch Me: Salt and pepper shaker, switch between them with the press of a button

Some of Chetan's designs are being manufactured by Happily Married and the House of Design and would soon be available in the market.

Matchlight: To ignite the perfect ambiance!

Chetan is presently working on some tableware projects and hopes to add some excitement to the dining by bringing in an element of emotional connect.

Thanks: Chetan Sorab

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