Designer Spotlight: Mann-made designs

Today I introduce you to a designer, whose work is not just beautiful, but practical as well. Mann Singh is based in Ahmedabad, but his work takes him all over the country.

His work tends to be quite varied (basket weaves, beaten metal, recycled art, etc.) and the inspiration comes from various sources. Mann's prime motivators are material, process, geometry and nature.

He says, "These show up with alarming regularity in my work. But I don't subscribe to any particular formal style or language, and my work in bamboo looks very different from my work in metal."

~ Mann Singh with a light weight bamboo chair he created~

~ Hand-raised stainless steel bowls ~

~A 100% Bamboo lamp~

~From the Shalimar collection for Driade~

~Muqarna top from the Shalimar collection for Driade~

~From the Shalimar collection for Driade~

~ Kachnar twig bowl~

~Citai Bowls from the Shalimar collection for Driade~

Says Mann, "I would like my work to be as hands on as possible and made by me. This is not always so, unfortunately. When I'm working with a particular craft there is at first a period of learning and absorbing. The next stage is synthesis and expression." Mann's work is well recognized among several international retailers. Among his most regular clients is Driade.

~ A bael leaf bowl ~

~ Hand beaten bowls ~

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