House Tour: The Sridharans' home in Pune

There's nothing more appealing than a home put together with a careful eye for antiques, beautiful finds, items from one's past, as well as a shock element courtesy some contemporary furniture. Pune-based Sridharan and Vidya's home is one such. Housed in an apartment, the limited space does nothing to dampen the couple's creativity.

The Sridharans' hail from Chennai, and their home carries a lot of design elements from the South.

The drawing room with its baitak, swing, antique wall pieces,
while contemporary sofas provide the "shock" element

A close up of the living room roof. It is adorned with wooden rafters.
Such a clever way to get the old world charm into a
modern home! Lights are concealed in the bossing.

The Sridharans' lovely antique mirror corner. The wall
around the mirror is exclusively dedicated to Krishna

The traditional South Indian swing in the drawing room has a colorful
runner on it. A Ravi Varma painting and a beautiful brass pot
arrangement add to the charm of this corner.

I love this corner. Perhaps the charming 'baitak' has something to do with it?

The Ganapathy in the niche is made of Orissa sand stone and weighs about 70-80 kgs. The Baitak converted from an antique rose wood cradle belongedto Vidya as a baby (wow!). The three Rajasthani musicians, the cushions and the two old storage boxes are quaint occupants of the baitak.

The puja room has a teak wood door with carvings and a faux brick finish at the top.

The passage separating the bedrooms of the apartment (picture below) is another interesting corner. While the annapakshi lamp is quite a common possession these days, this particular one (next to an "elephant" stool) was picked up by Vidya at an antique store in Trivandrum. This lamp is very intricate, and the detailing of the carvings on it (not visible in the picture, though) is quite exquisite.

This is a beautiful focal point in the passage between the bedrooms. The red paint enhances the beauty of the paintings, while the rafters and door heads provide an element of old world charm. The Annapakhi lamp takes center stage, next to the "elephant " stool.

And finally, the balcony adjoining the living room, is quite a green haven. Like the rest of the home, it is not without its share of unusual furniture.

The wooden sitting piece with a bamboo mesh on it, was picked up from a
friend who was relocating, and had no use for
I love the pretty red tiles, and
the green contrast provided by the plants.

Vidya grew up in an old colonial-style home in Chennai, and attributes her tastes to this. Vidya is an artist, and her Tanjore paintings (another South Indian art) adorn her home, and blend into the decor quite well. She is an avid collector of Ravi Varma paintings, most of which she has picked up from an art gallery in Trivandrum.

Well, it takes courage to carry off several decor styles, and blend them together in one room, and the Sridharans' seemed to have achieved this quite effortlessly.

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