Kye designs - handmade with love

Kalyani Ganapathy has some really special designs at her studio Kye (meaning "hand" in Kannada, and I suspect it's a play on the alphabets in her name as well!) in Chennai.

When I looked at her work, I absolutely loved it. But when I delved deeper and realized that each piece comes straight from her heart, and she draws a lot of inspiration from her childhood in South India, I was impressed. The designs are vivid, colorful and it is very obvious that they are drawn from real life dreams and experiences. Her latest collection Cute celebrates little-girl moments - stuff all of us have gone through growing up, and a collection dedicated to remembering those nostalgic moments, and bringing out the child in each of us. Have a look!

That was from the Cute collection (I so loved the pigtail canvas and cushion!), and what follows is some of Kalyani's earlier work. These too are inspired from her life experiences. This next one for instance is about Dobby, a dog she once owned, and apparently loved a lot!

Kye also retails in Mumbai and New Delhi.
Head to her website for more details.

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