The numbers tag

Patricia from ColoursDekor tagged me with this numbers tag, and I have procrastinated long enough. With my work load finally getting a lot lighter, here I am getting down it, and I have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed putting this together! Of course, I am not as good as she is with Photoshop :) so please bear with me if the images are a tad too amateur!

Okay here goes:

1. One God, who takes care of the whole world.He gave us one Sun, and one Moon to mark our days and nights! He also gave me one beautiful daughter :)

2. Two pairs of walk together on life's path. Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, but always together!

3. Three years ago, Johanna was born. We went from being a couple, to a family of three!

4. Four chairs at our table, where we sit, eat and connect at the end of the day.

5. Five precious years of graduate college - the unforgettable years of fun, laughter and smiles. They sure have given me a lot of memories!

6. Six years and four months since B and I got married!

7. This is an interiors blog, so there are seven things I am eyeing for my home right now ; an old fashioned Christian altar, a Warli-painted wall, a baitak, a colorful cart (the kind that street vendors use; more on this in a subsequent post), a wall with retro movie or Broadway memorabilia, innovative storage and a daybed.

8. The number of hours I get to spend with my daughter every day - eight. Lucky me!

9. Those nine months of pregnancy that taught me to slow down and be very patient! :)...but still did not prepare me for the demands of motherhood ;)

10. In Sep 2008, Shashi and I launched The Keybunch. ..heavens! is this the tenth month already? Jai Ho! :)
I don't have a pic of the two of us...the last time we met we both forgot to get a pic clicked :P so this will have to do!

So, get down to it Kala, Priya, Ketchup Girl, orange jammies, Priti, Lakshmi, Judith,Asha, Maina (one of our very first followers), and Le @HC and give us those numbers, 'cos you are tagged!

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