If it touches the heart, it’s art…..

Life partners

One needs guts to walk away from the comfort zone and take a risk to follow your passion and Sujata Tibrewala, a self taught Bangalore based artist has done just that….. chucking up her cushy job as an engineer to take a plunge into the artistic world.

Sujata’s illustrations have been featured in a couple of magazines and holds regular exhibitions at prominent art galleries across the country. She portrays her work through her site pratibimba.in.
I couldn’t make it when Sujata invited me to her exhibition held last month at the Renaissance art gallery and hope to check them out some time soon. Meanwhile sit back and enjoy her work.


“I look for beauty and get mesmerized when I find it in both perceptible and imperceptible environments. For me, art and science are inseparable because none can exist without the other because both are from and for nature”, says Sujata.


My beautiful world

Down the memory lane

Nature life babies
If it touches the heart, it is in some way art - This is Sujata's motto.

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