Peacock Themed Interiors

The lobby at the dining
Somehow, I have not been able to update my travel pictures so far and Sharon keeps chiding me for this. One obvious reason is my poor photographic skills and the other of course is sheer laziness. This time, however I promised Sharon that I am going to post pictures irrespective of their quality. So, here we go…..

The reception
Last month, I happened to visit the Club Mahindra resort at Kumbalgarh in Rajasthan. Needless to say, the décor had all the typical elements of Rajasthan. This resort had their décor based on peacocks, not sure if these birds are found in abundance in that place though. Peacocks seemed to be around everywhere, from bed rooms to the reception and dining. Everywhere else, the color combination of blue and yellow followed. I fell in love with the color combination used. Take a look and let me know your views.

Close up of the peacocks
Btw, Kumbalgarh is known for its beautiful Kumbalgarh fort with its perimeter walls that extend 36 km in length claimed to be the longest after the Great Wall of China with over 360 temples within the fort. There is an interesting story on how the fort was built on the wiki, check it out. The fort looks awesome when it is lit up in the evening and the view from the fort is breathtaking. Luckily for us, it rained and we managed to escape the scorching heat that is typical of rajasthan. Now, over to interiors....

The peacock theme spills over to the room

Close up of the head rest

My favorite- built in window seating/bed, loved the color combination

Pictures of the famous Kumbalgarh fort

Beautiful pattern in marble

Colorful ceiling

Typical Rajasthani niche
Btw, don't you think my photographic skills need to be brushed up ? :)....Any suggestions are welcome. We will be announcing the giveaway of the lighting shortly, watch out.

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