Snapshots of my Vacation

It's the monsoons, and the perfect time for a quiet, picturesque retreat at a very familiar place - my parents' coffee estate where I spent many of my childhood holidays. Rich in flora and fauna, with the River Badra enveloping it on 3 sides, this place is close to Kudremukh National Park, an ecological hotspot.

The famous vakil bench - almost every old house has one of these.

A Mangalore-tiled roof with rafters and an antique light bulb.

I love peeking through this chik and enjoying the rain

Align CenterThe river beyond the coffee plants.


Pretty hedges

I'm not sure if these are China Pinks, but I spend a lot of time admiring them!

Periwinkles in the hedge

Crown of Thorns

More anthurium plants

A rain-drenched rose

Can you spot the Malabar Grey Hornbill on the tree?

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