It's our first anniversary, and it's all your doing!

How time has flown! It's been a whole year since that very first hesitant step, that first post. A year onward, we are happy - for the mistakes, achievements, bouquets, brickbats, all the stuff we have learned and most of all the great friendships we have made. So we thought the best way to celebrate is by handing our blog over to guest bloggers throughout our anniversary month.

It is also time to thank a few people. Madhavi who has been with us right from the start, incidentally shares her b'day with The Keybunch anniversary - Sep 25th. So Happy B'day Madz, and thanks for the great headers, including this one.

Norman, thanks for setting up the site when we were newbies to blogging. As you can see we have kept the same template. You did a great job!

Thanks to our husbands - Sridhar and Bernard! Your constant encouragement and support keeps us going.

And finally, thanks to our readers and our sorority of design bloggers. We have gained a lot of inspiration and more importantly great friendships from you all!

Here's to a month long celebration with guest blogs and surprise giveaways. Thank you!

- Rekha and Sharon

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