How creative can you get with plants?

Green thumbs don’t need really conventional pots to grow plants; they always find ways to source containers in and around them. My father is like that, he grows plants in cut shampoo bottles, old tins, buckets, tires and what not. I did not appreciate them when I was young as I always felt that they look cheap and take away the beauty of the plants. With time, I have grown wiser and have learned to appreciate the effort behind them. So, how creative can one get with planting ideas? I sourced a couple of ideas and fell in love with the concepts and am inspired to try them in my decor. Check them out.

This is my favorite, loved the concept...

Easter eggs too....

Giving a green life to the window!

Nothing ever goes to the junkyard or is it the other way round?

Terrariums, another great way to bring the landscape indoors

How cool is this idea?

What do you think of these ideas? Which is your favorite? Have you used anything like this in your place? Tell us.

Image source : Flickr