House warming (Griha Pravesham) – South Indian Style!

I always wanted to do a post on griha pravesham for quite some time and happened to get hold of the pictures of grihapravesham of my sister-in-law. Come; join me on a photo-tour of the South Indian grihapravesham.

Griha Pravesham is a ceremony that is performed to mark the first and formal entry of the house proud owners into the house. The D-day date is fixed on an auspicious day based on the astrologer’s advice.

The ceremony starts on the previous day with numerous pujas and homas to be performed by a group of priests lined up before the event.

While the pujas (prayers) are performed to invoke the blessings of various deities, the homas (dollops of ghee, herbs and cereals are added into a consecrated fire altar while reciting hymns) are performed to ward off evil influences and overcome obstacles.

The house is decorated with flowers and beautiful rangolis.

The D-day marks with special pujas and the formal entry is initiated by offering prayers to a cow (special invitee) and inviting the cow to take the first step inside. Care is taken to ensure that the cow enters with the right foot first!

The priest covers the entrance and chants hymns before unveiling the covered entrance. The house owner (lady) then enters the house by kicking a container filled with rice and jaggery with her right foot.

The kitchen is decorated with flowers and rangolis. After the rituals, the stove is lit with a container filled with milk. The milk (sign of prosperity)is allowed to boil and spill over ( it’s a way of wishing that prosperity shall keep overflowing in the house). This is then mixed with sugar and distributed the family and guests.

The decorated melon is filled with coins and color and crushed outside the house wishing that the owners will always be blessed with overflowing prosperity.

Hope you enjoyed the post as much as I did.

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