India-inspired table decor ideas from Fabienne Spahn

I am a long-standing fan of Fabienne Spahn, and was delighted to see some Indian-inspired table styling ideas by this designer. Created with Nathalie Duquenne the Indian-themed tablescape which (in my limited French) j'adore is aptly titled 'News from Delhi'

The styling is simple, pretty and elegant. Best of all, it won't take too much of your time. Use the Keybunch tips for easy variations or time-savers.

The table napkin idea

The Delhi News theme was inspired by a Tamil newspaper that found its way outside India, and was treasured as a souvenir. The main focus of this style is therefore rightly, the imitation newsprint napkins. And how did the designers manage this? They scanned the newspaper and printed it on Canson paper to become a usable paper napkin! Clever!

For reusable napkins (especially when you love the idea and don't mind repeating it with different guests another time), get napkins printed with a newspaper article of your choice.

The desi flower idea

The accessorized wine goblet ideaHow cool is this idea?An Indian trinket on a wine goblet. Gets you thinking doesn't it?

If you are keen on the peacock theme, you don't have to go looking for wine glasses. Just decoupage.

The mixed table ware and Indian font dinner name cards idea

The table ware consists of basic dishes, copper ware etc courtesy Aline Design. Below, each guest is honored with a name board in pretty Indian font, with the English translation. The name board is dipped in traditional Indian scented digestive spices.

Pictures courtesy:
Fabienne's Blog

and me.