Dreamy vacations for the interior design blogger

Yeh, that's me I am referring to.
Or maybe you and you and you.

It's been awhile since I took a vacation
and I've been mulling over where to go
Kerala wins hands down..and you will know why

When you see these dreamy hotel pics...
You will pack your bags you'll see

and join me right away.

In my dream I am already here
relaxing, but not...you know?

What with all the indoor and outdoor
beauty around me..relax??

How can I?

There's so much to see!

I am going shopping
at quaint little places like this...

and then....I will
hop onto a river boat

and drift away...

sipping on a sweet tender coconut...

Oh, the boatman's here already...

Coming, anyone?

The following heritage houses and boutique hotels in Kerala have been featured: Brunton Boatyard, Raheem Residency, Malabar House and Old Harbour

Pics courtesy: MrandMrsSmith.com

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