BBC Good Homes: 2nd Anniversary Collectors' Edition

It's a hectic week for me. We are shifting soon to our new place and I am in the middle of a whole lot of unpacking, sorting and give away sessions. Amid all this madness, the courier guy rang the bell and I was happy to see that it wasn't a bill he was delivering, but this month's subscription copy of The BBC Good Homes. It is a collectors' edition and a must-buy! I love the fact that they are also giving a free decor guide CD which is replete with some awesome inspirational pics. With the house quiet and all to myself, I immediately plonked down on a bit of free floor space, for a much-needed magazine break ;)

Here are some pics from the mag.

I particularly loved the top right Balti stool!

This is a bathroom console. Don't you just love it?

I am a huge kitsch fan (see this post on Indian kitsch), and I was
delighted to see a whole article dedicated to kitsch in decor!

This and the opening pic of my post are the kitchen pics form Brigette and her daughter Leela's indo-french
haveli in Jaipur. In my eyes, this is easily the star feature of this issue.

There are some lovely tea time recipes too!

Well, I loved the issue overall, but there was in fact something I didn't think too much of - there's a whole feature on Easter decor, quite annoying if you ask me, knowing that the mag got delivered to me after Easter! No complaints about the decor, but it would have been more palatable had it featured decorations with an Indian touch. It looked more suited to a Western audience, tchah!

I was also going to feature Elle Decor India's collectors' issue but realized that Bhavna has already blogged about it. So go read about it over at The Indian Summer.

All images courtesy BBC Good Homes mag, Vol 3 Issue 1, April 2010
P.S I notice that the pics don't look too good in my post. The pictures in the mag are beautiful! My excitement and messy home may have something to do with the bad pic quality out here. Excuses, excuses ;) - Sharon

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