A tiny little feature, but we are very excited!

Popular chair company says decor and design mags out; The Keybunch, other design blogs now fashionably in!

Sorry! I am currently working with a news desk so I just couldn't resist that one!

I was quite excited when Prachi from
Purplehomes buzzed me on Google Chat with the news that The Keybunch has received a mention in Transcribe's April 2010 issue. In a news item titled 'Drawing designs from the blogosphere' they talk about how decor mags are passé and decor blogs are the haute statement for improving decor quotients.

They go on to mention a few Indian interior design blogs, one of which is The Keybunch. Here's what they have to say about The Keybunch,

"The Keybunch at http://www.thekeybunch.com offers
‘a bit of India in every home’ and opens doors
to beautiful spaces. This blog traverses
the Indian landscape to give you a glimpse
of décor, fabrics and festivals. From Tripura’s
Katlamara bamboo products to Kerala’s colourful
pookalams, the bloggers seek inspiration
and provide easy-to-use tips."

Thanks guys, it's nice to be featured!

Click on the pic to read the feature

Also similarly mentioned are your other favorite blogs Prachi's
Purplehomes, Archana's Rang Decor, Bhavana's An Indian Summer, Kanika's ...AND ANOTHER... and Styling and Design with Rajee . Congrats to all these lovely bloggers!

For those who would like to know more, Transcribe is the internal newsletter of Transteel, a company that is particular about taking care of your back with the right seating.

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