Globetrotting with The Keybunch: Meenakshi Vij’s home in Florida

Meenakshi's mother-in-law made the beautiful Ganesha painting, the colorful pier1 bottles are garage sale find. The Buddha statue was picked up at Walmart

I know I have been MIA for quite sometime. I am back now and time to concentrate on the blog seriously. I was supposed to feature Meenakshi Vij’s home in Florida way back, but somehow things didn’t seem to happen then. I guess, it’s better late than never.

Meenakshi Vij is an IT professional and is passionate about interiors. She loves doing up her home with all the treasures she has carried from her travels.

“We bought this house 1.5 years back when we got married. It was an empty house and we started with few things that my brother gave us. Garage sales, gifts from family, trips to India made this house a home.... My husband is awesome in suggesting and helping me decorate this house. He will look for things and suggest where they should go. Our home is an effort from both of us which is the best part, “says Meenakshi.

Come; let’s walk through her favorite nooks and corners.

Meenakshi loves brass and this Brass Ganesha Bell is a gift from her mom.

Ganesha, Buddha and turquoise plate to welcome her guests

B/W pictures were gift from her sister in law .. adds charm to the plain wall in the study

Candles makes the entrance war and inviting. The wood deco in the back are two candle stands which she has placed one on top of the other

The textured dinning room wall was an effort of previous home owners

The brass, greenery and the earthen pot form a perfect combo in the living room

Ganesha with tamp and books on the side are the first glimpse of decor when you enter Meenakshi's house .. mirror with brass frame is her fav find

What feature did you like the most? Btw, Meenakshi blogs at Niwas-whereourheartlives. Do check out her blog.

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