Hand block print love - Kilol Fabric, Jaipur

Nimboo Pani Range

I have always known the brand Kilol, but I wasn't aware of the lovely, inspiring story behind it...and when I learnt about it, I had to share it with you. Did you know Mamta Mangsinka the well-known founder of Kilol began operations from a garage in Indore with a single printing table? She was passionate about design, and started printing on Maheshwari saris in a way no-one had tried before..and gradually went on to create Kilol's unique signature style of combining hand-woven borders with hand block printed designs. That was way back in 1986. Kilol now has a retail presence in several Indian cities. Mamta operates from her set-up in Jaipur.

Mamta was kind enough to take time off her busy schedule and email me some pics of her recent work, and here they are.

Block printing in progress

Hati Chapa range

Haldi Kum Kum Range
Kajal range
Mamta Mansingka

I am so inspired by stories like this. People like Mamta begin simply, with hardly any resources, but with a strong passion, belief in one's abilities, maybe a hope and a prayer. Here's to all you beautiful  women who have hopes of realizing your dreams. Just believe in yourself...and take that first step!

Hop over to Kilol's website - I love the way it has been designed!

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