Guest Post: Dress up your wooden spoons - A tutorial by Purnima

I chanced upon Purnima's lovely dressed-up spoons and invited her for a tutorial over here at The Keybunch. She graciously accepted and has put together the most amazing tutorial for us. Over to you, Purnima!

Greetings to The Key Bunch readers. My name is Purnima from aCreativeProject and I am here today to do a super easy tutorial on decorating wooden spoons. I am very excited to be here and would like to thank Sharon and Rekha for giving me an opportunity to showcase my creativity on their awesome blog!

Although I love simplicity, I get bored with plain settings. Hence I thought why not make them interesting. The inspiration behind this is to make everything personalized in the home. One’s home is a reflection of one’s emotions and persona. It should showcase your personality. It should make statement of your personal style even in small and mundane things around the house. I told myself that I should portray these aspects in my own home.

For this tutorial you need basic painting skills, acrylic colors, brushes, varnish and wooden spoons (I used the 3 set spoon set from IKEA).

This is how the spoons looked like before.

Now lets start painting. Paint the spoon with 2 base coats of your favorite color.
Let the base coat dry out before starting with the design of your choice on it. Do you like polka dots? I will show you an easy way is to make perfectly round dots by making a stencil with a paper puncher.

Punch holes in a paper.

Place this paper on the spoons and paint over it.

Improvise a bit as you desire.

You can also use Mehndi (Henna) stencils.

Let it dry at least for a day and then spray varnish only on the handles. Let the varnish dry for a couple of days.

Voila your spoons are ready to showoff :) They are perfectly dishwasher safe.

Hope you liked this tutorial and if you have any more queries please feel free to contact me on my blog.
            - Purnima
Wasn't that beautiful? Thank you Purnima! We loved it! We are hoping you will be back soon with another great tutorial. Do make your way over to Purnima's blog. It's full of lovely inspiration!

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