Weekend clicks: Paper factory, kiddie fun and home pics

Weekends are a gift! We use them to meet up with friends, bond with family and loved ones, play silly games with the kiddies, and potter about the home arranging, rearranging and tidying up! Here are some snippets from past weekends.

Catching up with Kanika
Last weekend I met up blogger Kanika Bahl .....and we went to a local handmade paper factory. Here are some pics

Expanses of beautiful handmade paper in various textures and hues

The men who work hard to bring this lovely stuff to the sales counter
A lantern made of handmade paper
This is one of the paper types I picked up...started some Warli on it.

I enjoyed that visit, and I am totally delighted with the stuff I picked up. I have little projects planned for each type of handmade paper I bought...will keep you posted!

Pottering about the house
I love this painting that I have in my home. It is by a versatile woman Kamini Raghavan. I am sure you have heard of her ;) Check out her blog here.
Painting by Kamini Raghavan
Painted pots and mint madki
This is a lantern I picked up on one of my weekend outings. Read about it here.
Check out Pat's lantern post...or should I say posts?:)...yep! she loves them!
This weekend I am going to ......



Let my kiddo do her own flower arrangement :-)
More brass picked up in Tuslibaug at the afore-mentioned weekend.

...and just smell the flowers!


So, what are YOU going to be doing this weekend? Leave a comment or blog about the things you love about your weekends.

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