A cozy family corner

Yes people, I am back and it is great to be back blogging! A new job profile and family engagements kept me away!

September has been a beautiful month, hasn't it? Apart from the blogversary, it's also been birthday month in our family, and it's been quite the month for calling up people, wishing them, and then spending a bit of time catching up with them!

Well, I am rambling I think. 

I will be back soon with lots of posts, but until then, here's a pic of a cozy corner in my home. This is where the family unwinds at the end of the day. The corner of the 3-seater is where you will oft find me working on my to-do-lists, catching up on my reading, or talking to friendly neighbors when they pop in.
The better half usually occupies well, the better half of the 3 seater (or so he thinks!) as he catches the 9 pm news! The little one is usually on the rug with her coloring books, watching tele or chatting to her grandparents. You can see her cards on the rug there. I clicked the pic as-is, so excuse me for not tidying up. The dent in the cushion tells you where I rest my tired back at the end of the day!:)

The blank walls? :( something that needs immediate attention, but I am sooo undecided and think it's best to wait until the fog clears!:)

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