Festive Post: Various Avatars of Ganeshji in Home Accents

Various Avatars of Ganeshji

Come Ganesh Chaturthi and my memories linger back to childhood days where we would run around asking neighbors to pitch in some cash so that we could buy a Ganesh Idol and celebrate the festival in a makeshift garage. As much as the adults resented this, they would finally end up joining in the celebrations taking turns to make sweet goodies for prasadam. The festive look somehow doesn’t figure in the place I live in……everyone knows there is some festival when the prices of fruits and flowers shoot up!

Hiding behind the mask!
Anyways, the other side of Bangalore streets sure looks vibrant with rows of idols waiting to be sold while sellers and buyers haggle over the price. It's a visual treat to see Him don various avatars during this festival. The colorful buntings and other accessories to deck up Ganeshji adds to the shopping fun.

Cozy up with Ganeshji....

Festivities apart, I am sure your home will have Ganeshji in some or the other form of home accents. I leave you with some images of Ganeshji’s various avatars in home accents while you enjoy the festivities with modaks, chaklis and other goodies.

From coffee mugs to plant holders, HE seems to be everywhere!

Wishing all our readers a “Happy Ganesha Festival”. May HE bless you all with health, wealth and prosperity.Meanwhile, "Say it with flowers na"......is still open for you to participate.

PN: Images have been taken from various sources on the internet, if it's your picture and have any objection, please let me know.I'll take them off.

Update: Most of the products showcased here are retailed by Ganesh Mall, an online store. The black hand embroidered cushion cover is by Maria who retails at Liminal threads.

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