It’s raining flowers this September..

Looks like The Key Bunch is smelling roses(!) all through September. A couple of last minute entries including our own Sharon’s :) are making sure that this month ends with sweet scented notes. I hope you are not getting bored seeing so many flowery posts this week :)

Sumathy, another reader sent us these flowers.. and here’s what she had to say..

I have been visiting your blog quite regularly since I stumbled upon it through parentree website. I love the homes that you feature (btw, you should do that more often!). And what an apt name you have for the blog! Congratulations on your anniversary and I am sending a photo of a cozy corner in my house where I love keeping vase or bowls of flowers (i live in an apt in bangalore). Keep up your great work and cheers to many more anniversaries for the blog.


Thanks Sumathy and all of you who joined in and made this party a grand success. Here’s wishing many more successful parties ahead! Oh btw, September officially ends tomorrow, can I hope that someone springs in last minute surprise entries?

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