Cartoonist Profile: Vikram Nandwani

Bhagwan Lodge
Nondescript lodges that mushroomed a couple of decades back are today doing everything to up their service to stay competitive. But they will never change the sheets.

I first came across Vikram's work under the Verry India banner, at my favorite decor store. It was a cartoon depiction of an Indian scene, an auto rickshaw being at the center of it. Though these are pet subjects for Indian cartoonists, I was intrigued by his unique style, and also by the captions. I noted the name, looked him up, and got in touch. He is based in Pune, and we even met once when Vikram discussed his plans, his current projects and his desire to use his art to help NGO's raise funds.

Vikram at work
Vikram is 32, and has a day job at Infosys. In October last year he took a 4 month break to work on Verry India. Says Vikram,"Verry India is a nostalgic caricature series on people & images of India that are dissappearing fast owing to the rapid urbanization. The artwork is available as limited edition prints (signed & numbered). The big plan is to complete 100 images and launch a coffee table book by next Indepence day :) hopefully."
Five by Nine feet mural at a cafe in Koregaon Park, Pune
Vikram does the artwork digitally. Though it is a lot more effort, he feels it has a very different fresh feel and the colours are extremely bright. He says, "..and more importantly, traditionally, cartoons have been more of a miniature art - but doing the cartoons digitally gives the freedom to be able to print from matchbox to billboard sizes."

Dhondu Dhobi Extremely outspoken, extremely slow dhobis (manual laundromats), extremely capable of misplacing or burning an extremely huge hole in your favourite jacket. They do pick and drop your clothes, but only after you have made twenty trips to their road-side stall fortified by huge bundles to remind them and another twenty to help them find your rags

Vikram exhibits his work at various decor and art centers in Pune. He also has a line of  Verry India tshirts that were launched recently on InkFruit. Here is a sneak preview of his latest series, titled 'Junglee'.
Junglee springs to the rescue of his mistress at the outhouse with his weapon of choice.

If you are interested in connecting with him online, check out these links.
Verry India and Inkfruit

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