The weekend that was: A bedtime story

Most of my weekends start off in a flurry of activity. Saturday is our day to tackle our to-do lists, so we wake up early, got to the gym, then have a dosa breakfast (almost always!) before we get started on the lists. Sunday is very relaxed...I do cook a nice meal, but the rest of the day I just relax, watch a movie, or meet up with friends.

Since ours is still a 'new' home, there's loads of unfinished work - racks to be fixed, new furniture, etc. We had ordered a new bed and it was to be delivered on Saturday. We already have an antique-ish shaker-style bed, that I absolutely love...but unfortunately, it is not so good for our backs. The initial idea was to put the new bed in the guest room. The new bed is a storage one, average looking, a Godrej Interio one, sturdy, strong, and really one of those necessary purchases. I thought with my head, and not with my design blogger cap when I decided on it/ Oh well, I guess sometimes, you have to think practical. The nice looking beds rarely have storage space, and I really needed a LOT of storage. 

Well as things went, we decided to get the new bed into our room for the sake of our backs, and move the Shaker-bed to the guest bedroom...

Here's a peak into the bedroom where the bed is being assembled.

Finished...and look who's occupied it already!

The 'assemblers' leave, leaving a mass of packing material in my living room! :(

The practical : ) bed is getting dressed..

Well, that was that. However, we did enjoy a great night's sleep, and I am now feeling much better about my very practical purchase :)...but I do miss my old bed, which is not far away...cos we parked it in the guest bedroom! 

As luck would have it, we had a guest on Sunday. An old school friend of mine dropped in, and we promptly 'hung out' in the guest bedroom, with cups of tea and fruit, on the beloved old bed. The rest of the household spent some quality father-daughter time, leaving us to chit chat and catch up!

So..that was was my semi-eventful weekend. We went shopping in the evening...yippee, there's a family wedding, and we bought ties for the men! I don't want to share those pics yet, as the bridegroom and his best man need to see them first!

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PS - If anyone is looking for a practical bed, I have some very valid reasons why they should go for a Godrej Interio, so email me, and I will talk about it :)

PPS: I apologize for the bad quality of images. My images editor Rekha is away on vacation, so they didn't pass her okay before they were uploaded!:)

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