Sameera and Ashish Share Their Diwali Moments

Peacock feathers, Flowers, Lanterns..Perfect table setting, isn't it?

The Diwali Dhamaka is bang on! Sameera and Ashish based in Houston Texas share their Diwali moments with us. The entire house was lit up lights, lamps and diyas. The rangolis, flowers and sweets add divinity to the festive charm. Hmm, I’ll stop here and let the pictures do the talking. Thanks for sharing your special moments with us, Sameera.
Brass lamps and flowers all set the glow
Rose petals on steps, can't be a better way to appease Gods :)
Bright and colorful rangoli with floating flowers

Doesn't that image exude warmth and cheer?
Sameera and Ashish have a lovely home and you'll soon see their house tour as well. Watch out.

Have you shared your Diwali Moments yet? All you have to do is send in the pics to our mail-id if you are a non-blogger or link in to Diwali Dhamaka Carnival if you are a blogger.

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