Sharing My Diwali Moments....

So, finally Diwali is over but the hangover remains. The left over sweets, oil in kadhai after the non-stop deep frying, the burnt cracker marks in the yard and one or two crackers that seem to pop up from nowhere  never lets you forget the bright weekend that was. This year’s Diwali was special, ask me why? Obviously the excitement in the blogosphere was too hard to resist…while I normally settle for simple rangolis and Diyas, I had to work my brains extra hard to get some passable décor.

Inspired by Smita's Diwali post on Little Food Junction, I used bell peppers to get this effect

The festive day was just like I mentioned in my previous post, with guests dropping in, fun, food and frolic brimming over to the twilight. The next day was more quite, just the family…So indulged in some decorations after reading some inspiring posts ….

Picked up these boat shaped dried seeds on the streets and used them

T-light holders adorning the permanent rangoli in front of the Puja..

Sunday was really bad, rains played a spoil sport with 24-hr incessant rains..had to settle for looking at the showers with coffee and hot pakodas.

Kajjayas and Atlu(as we call deep fried fritters) kept us going all through

Post Diwali, I gave away the remaining sweets and crackers to my maid hoping to see them out of sight coz I was worried about the inches piling on my hips. However, today morning to my horror I discover some more sweets stashed away in the cupboard warning me of the calorie pile up:) More horror followed….with MIL suggesting that we make a new batch of sweets to distribute to family friends…I just hope that they won’t make their way to my tummy.

Sending this to Patty's Weekend Wrap Up, Emreen's It's Festival Time, Blogadda's 'Share your Diwali Moments'..and of course, our own Diwali Dhamaka :)

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