Xmas goodies Part 1

Okay, let's for a moment forget this is a decor blog. Why? Because this post is only about food, Xmas goodies to be precise. I have been on a baking spree. Come, see!

I started out with a mammoth shopping spree...ingredients for the goodies!
 I started by baking a batch of gingerbread. I did not have cookie cutters, so I used my daughter's playdoh cutters, and they worked well. Read more about it here, at Anu's blog!
Gingerbread dough

Gingerbread cut out using play-doh cutters

Sitting in the bake

Cooled and iced by a little 4 year old.
 Next, it was time to make the marshmallows. I loved the way they have turned out.

Cutting them carefully, after they "sat" overnight on my dining table.
 A friend came over on Friday evening, and I only had sweet stuff at home, so I baked some of these soya-corn-cheese profiteroles...yumm!
 ...and finally, on Sunday afternoon I baked these heavenly Sweet Cinammon Bows
Cutting out the strips from the dough

The bows in the bake...and oh! the aroma of cinnamon that wafted through the house!  

I am sorry I don't have pretty pics of my goodies arranged on nice Xmassy dishies :) Truth is, they didn't really get past the cooling rack. I plan to make fresh batches of everything, and wrap them up prettily to give to our neigbors before I go on my Xmas break. Will share pics of those of course!:)

Linking to our own Xmas Carnival, and also to Pat's weekend event.

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