Xmas goodies Part 2

It's been a busy few days. I wrapped and delivered the little packs of goodies to the neighbors...I had to settle for red and green at the li'l one's insistence..so here's how the goodies looked dressed up!

Then Rekha alerted me to a lovely fudge recipe, and I tried it immediately...

I had some almonds left over, and promptly thought of making marzipans, those delicious Xmas treats of our childhood! They came out really well, and I was wishing I had some edible leaves and stuff to shape them into fruits.

We had some family fun mixing in the Christmas pudding...it will be eaten on Xmas Eve...
so there was a lot of disappointment when I put it away. To make up, I made them a baked Caramel Custard ;)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..:)

How are the preps going at your place? Do link in to our X'mas Carnival.
I am also linking this post to Pat's weekend event.

Sending loads of Xmas cheer from my place to yours!:)