250th post - An award and a tag!

Ooh, can’t believe we have 250 posts up! We have come a long way since our first post. When Kamakshi of Sanctified Spaces left a note about the Stylish Blogger Award Sanctified Spaces had bestowed us, we were elated for sure.

The rule of this award is to reveal seven things about yourself and pass on the award to seven others.

Here are the seven things you didn’t know about us:

1) Sharon’s daughter and my son share the same b’day.
2) We met online while working for a common client and started The Keybunch without meeting each other in person.
3) Both of us love to eat healthy and are constantly updating each other when we try out a new healthy recipe from food blogs.
4) Both love to bake!
5) Our dream is to own a virtual The Keybunch store featuring unique products.
6) We can interact with people for hours online but are tongue tied when we meet them in person. :)
7) We are never tired of DIY projects, antiques, ethnic décor and Indian handicrafts.

Woo, that was easy and fun too....we’ll pass this award to the people we interact with regularly.

1. Prachi at Purplehomes
2. Sharkara Jain at Sensitive Creations
3. Madhuri at Cookcurrynook
4. DeepaRaman at Lifestyle Coutures
5. Kanika at and another
6. Rekha at Interior Perspective
7. Lakshmi at Taste of Mysore

Girls, hop along if you haven’t done this before...

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