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Rohina Anand
 I received an email from AA Living on their cruelty-free home decor line, which they say is a first in India. I was intrigued, and decided to ask them more about the concept of ethical retailing.

It turns out, just as I thought it was, it's all about non-cruel options to get the powerful look of animal skins and leather! The store and its young and beautiful owner/ designer Rohina Anand is offering India gorgeous alternatives to animal skin products -they say, just incase you find yourself battling your conscience at any given time!

Rohina has created a range of opulent Matelassé bedspreads, which feel as soft as charmeuse silk, while being visually inspired by the soft quilting and aesthetics of snakeskin.The fabric is made with a special yarn, which retains the luster and lush texture of silk, while being machine washable.After 10 years in R and D, the yarn which is practical, washable, breathable and cost-effective (not to mention cruelty free) is absolutely ready to adorn our homes and spaces!

And...they have more in their ethical range - The Wooden imperial leather finish Home accessories that include photo frames, magazine racks, bins and trays, which have an antique leather finish on the finest wood.

What do you think? Are you a fan of rich interiors, with animal prints and leather? Do you like the feeling of opulence and power that comes with using them? I am personally not a big fan. I have never even liked fake leather or animal skins/prints  in my decor...but some of these products sure look interesting. When its time for a home makeover, I just might consider buying...:) If you have used cruelty-free home decor products do send me some pictures and details.

And...if you would like to buy these products AA Living is offering a 10% discount to you. All you need to do is print this coupon.

If you would like to check out the products:
AA Living,
Rajul Apartments, 9 Harkness Road,
Nepean Sea Road, Opp Gold’s Gym, Mumbai–6
Ph: (022) 23683985 / (022) 23681569

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