Featuring Sreeti Mondal’s Memories Of A Butterfly

Sreeti Mondal with her beaded beauties
The space between my dining and living is divided by a sheet of plain glass sitting over a wooden divider.Seeing the same ol’ plain glass over the years has become boring and I wanted something that will not really disconnect the dining from the rest of the house. This lead me to explore some chic options for replacement and Sreeti Mondal’s beaded beauties seemed to fit the bill perfectly. I immediately got in touch with her to find out more about her designs.

Adding zing to to the balcony
Sreeti Mondal’s journey from a successful advertising professional to an aspiring designer is truly inspiring. Her baby - Memories Of A Butterfly, a firm specializing in bead curtains, screens and installation was conceived when she started exploring ways to keep her occupied while she was bedridden for a year.She zeroed in on beaded curtains after toying around with various ideas.
Loved the color combo here
 Sreeti uses pure glass, crystal, Australian shell, bone, treated PVC, stained or sprayed acrylic, acrylic crystal and wooden beads sourced all over the world for her projects. Her designs are contemporary and are in tune with the changing needs. Unlike curtains and blinds, these beaded beauties shimmer along with lights adding a new dimension to the space each time you see them. Of course, you don't have to limit these beauties to window dressing, they can go in room dividers, space separators, or just about any place you want add some zing without feeling overwhelmed.
See how the beaded strings change the look of window dressing
I like the idea of beaded room divider

Here is what Sreeti had to say about her work:

What I love about bead curtains is that they not only allow for a play with color, light and texture, but also enable us to create natural connectors between spaces. They have the ability to create privacy without disconnecting an area from the rest of the house, office, bar or restaurant. The idea is to create a bead curtain or a screen in a flexible, modern, dynamic and more eclectic avatar. All the designs are hand made and every piece is customized so as to suite the clients' design and functional needs.”

Honey colored beaded divider
As much as I loved them, the maintenance of these curtains was a cause of concern. Sreeti brushed aside my concerns and said that her curtains are very low maintenance and can be wiped with a damp cloth every few weeks.

I love this idea, what about you?
Her designs are one-of-a-kind since they are customized to suit individual needs. The curtains should make their way to your house one to three months after the order the placed.

Great way to add color to your decor, what do you think?
Price range: starting from INR 7k onwards depending on the material, design, density of strings.
Savoring the best for the last - this one's my fav
 Sreeti has an impressive list of clientele, her works can be seen in some high end spas, restaurants, offices and residences. Now, I am dying to get these beauties adorn my home…Here I come, Sreeti !

Loved Sreeti's work? Check out more designs on her blog Memories of a Butterfly  or catch up with her on Facebook here.

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