House Tour: Emreen’s Chennai Abode

Aloe Zanzibarica , growin in tea cup from Fab India...

The initial inertia of holiday laziness lingers on... Five days of 2011 have flown by and I continue to live in 2010 at the back of my mind. I went to the bank today and wrote 5/12/2010 on the cheques and the teller had to remind me of today's date :). Anyways, now that the kids are back to school (Oh, what a relief!), it's back to business again.

I thought a house tour was a good way to kick start the new year. I must confess that Emreen’s house tour was due for quite sometime. Somehow, the post did not go up on time. Nevertheless, here is your chance to walk through her favorite corners of the house.

Emreen is an immensely talented woman and every corner of her home showcases her creativity. If you have seen the November and December Carnival on our blog, you would not have missed Emreen’s entries or the parallel carnival on her blog liventhingsup.

Emreen lives in a rented apartment in Chennai but that has not deterred her from putting in efforts to make it a gorgeous home. With her green thumb and magical touch, she enlivens every corner of her home using simple, do-able ideas with everyday objects. I am so inspired by these ideas and plan to replicate them :).Now, I’ll let the pics do the talking.

 Wooden statues picked up at a decor exhibition at Chennai    
The Dining Table where all important discussions happen 

Sea shells and fresh flowers on shoe rack
"A new flower arrangement is a must every weekend... I cannot live without a hint of greenery or fresh flowers at my home...."

Terracotta figurines from West Bengal

"The side table contains a mini-aquarium.... I have always wanted a round bowl with 2 gold fish in it.... But practically gold fish didnt work out... so we are having some red platy now."
"The various tags that u see hanging on the dressing table sides , are from my hubby's shirts... I like the pink one especially.. that says 'outrageous' ...."

"The top of the shelf has my ceramic collection - tea pots, miniature tea cups etc"

I love how she uses everyday objects to bring in the freshness

This was the idea I told I'll copy :)

Emreen's green thumb is evident in these pics

I hope you liked Emreen's simple and cheerful decor ideas. Do hop in at her blog and check out her lovely posts.

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