Weekend heart warmer: Wicker, flowers and gaiety

So the animal prints didn't excite any of you, huh! Well like I said, I am not a big fan either, but it was a revelation that all of you who wrote in shared my opinion! Thanks for all the emails, I truly enjoyed the exchange of ideas!:)

Pic credit Louis Gaillard via Marie Claire Idees
So for you my lovelies, I am making up with this gay and colorful wicker and flowers look! How about it? This old wicker chair was first acrylic-painted in that gorgeous turquoise blue. Then roses, cut flowers and foliage in different colored fabrics were glued on and embellished with paint. And the legs of the wicker chair? They were wrapped with torn patterned fabrics!

I am also so in love with all the color and prettiness in the pic....the embroidered table cloth (I am pretty sure my grandmother had a wicker chair and a table cloth like that...got to see if it's up on the loft of the old house!) and colored Moroccan glasses, the striped cover on the gorgeous day bed with its bursts of color, and the gorgeous wall paint and decor! Sigh! What about that lovely vintage tiled floor, the pictures on the wall, and the lanterns? :) There's so much prettiness coming together in this one pic!

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