Weekend Wrapup: A visit to Chitra Santhe 2011

Cool concept - picture framed!
Chitra Santhe, the annual art fair held on a street that stretches over 1.5 km was something I didn’t want to miss out on. This is one annual event that all art lovers look forward to. I kept reminding S about it every day so that he will keep his day free. I asked him to charge the batteries for the camera and promptly forgot to load it back. Phew, no idea why I end up doing this all the time. :(. Luckily we managed. to get some pics clicked on his cellphone.

Chalk Art - the artist said it took him 2 years to complete!
Anyways, we landed up there pretty early by about 10:00 am and were surprised to see the street jampacked! Artists were vying with each other for space, and I have a feeling most of them slept there overnight. The fair spilled over to the sidewalks and cross roads in addition to the main streets. We could see all sorts of paintings on display. From traditional Tanjore paintings to warli art, contemporary art to landscapes, portraits to sculptures…The atmosphere was charged with excited newbies nervous about the sales and oldies, confident about their art. Who needs words to describe this fair, all you need are pics :)

Paintings waiting to be sold
I saw scores of photo enthusiasts clicking away with their SLR's and believe me, even if you compiled all the pics, chances of spotting two pics that are alike are quite remote. I was also hoping to bump into a couple of bloggers, it didn't quite happen for the simple reason that I haven't met them....B'lore bloggers, are you reading this?
We almost bought one of these..
Of course, it’s not called a santhe unless you haggle for prices and I found that most artists told a price and were immediately willing to reduce it so that they won’t miss the sale. Kamini, I remembered your discussion even as I smiled at this haggling process. Hmm, it made me wonder if haggling over the price is an insult to the artist, though I felt most of them were up for the game.

Loved all the beauties displayed here
We picked up a sculpture by this artist, a tall one that looks great just about anywhere.

Ordered this painting - wallet down by 8k
And, ordered this painting - the artist promised to deliver it by the month end. Surprisingly, in spite of having a dozen paintings lined up at his stall, almost everyone who visited ended up ordering this one.

Portraits for 100 bucks!
A caricature/portrait/pencil sketch for 100 bucks! Where else can you get this done? The folks might have walked away beaming with their portraits but it was the artists who laughed all the way to the bank making quick bucks. :)

All pics clicked by S's cellphone, the last one is courtesy of Murali who blogs here. If you have additional pics of the fair, I would be glad to add on....Hmm, another 365 days to go by before we walk through a similar fair, until then...

Sending this to Patty's Weekend Wrap Up as well.

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