Anu Gummaraju's beautiful Bangalore apartment

A wall of masks
Well, you saw her garden. Now, it's time to see her home. Located in a quiet part of Jayanagar, Anu's 1800  sq.ft 3-bedroom apartment is a treat to the eyes. Anu has spent months decorating it in her simple, stunning style and I am the lucky blogger who gets to feature it first. However, Anu, generous soul that she is, has saved more pictures for the other bloggers who asked her (a tad later than me, hehe) so don't forget to check all your favorite interior blogs for more pics of Anu's home soon.

I would rather speak less and just show you around. If you have any questions, just leave a comment at the bottom, and Anu will respond. Let's go!

Living room wall with brass collectibles and Aaarohi Singh's painted kettle on the table.
Living room bar
Now I know I said I wouldn't say much, but I have to share with you that the lights inside the bar unit are stick and click lights that run on battery. If you don't have wiring done inside cabinets, no worries! These are great as spotlights! Just peel off sticker and stick them on to any surface. Switch on and off by pressing on the lights, how cool is that!

Wood carving in the living room

This is where she blogs from (check out her food blog Scatter the Batter)

This is a wall in the master bedroom. The posters at the top are part of her fav comic book sets, ones she has lovingly collected over the years

A corner in the guest bedroom

I love the clean lines and bursts of yellow!

A cosy breakfast nook in one corner of her kitchen

Green and yellow curtains from Varnam have been made into blinds in the kitchen.

A calming Buddha corner

A collage of her bathroom pics

A tree of life design on the dining curtain.

A beautiful dining corner, with warli art by Kalamadhyam on the wall.

Now I know what she meant when she said Lakshmi's railway clock and orange wall were so similar to her own!
I saved the best for last - this joola is from my dream files, and I love the cushions she has prettied it up with!

*All pics clicked by Chirag (Anu's neighbor)

Thank you Anu, for sharing these lovely pics! Anu shares my opinion that a home needs to 'grow' and develop slowly rather than be done up all at once. So, keep in mind that she has a lot more "collecting" to do, and I'll be sure to feature her home again, when she has some more corners done up and ready to share!

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