Anu's beautiful balcony decor

Anu Gummaraju (from the lovely cooking blog Scatter the Batter) is a pretty good online friend of mine, so imagine my surprise when I saw some pics of her balconies and didn't know she was up to all this decorating!:)  Well, I wanted to share them with all of you, and Anu quickly obliged me by sending me the pics. Here they are - her two balconies all prettied up and decorated, calm, green and oh so relaxing!

She had a little help from the My Sunny Balcony team - especially with the bamboo fence, the bamboo water feature - spot and urli, the plants and  the balcony rail planters. The Buddha was sourced from Hybiscus - a Bangalore-based store that sells garden accessories. Have a look!


And here are pics of her second balcony -The Warli art was done by an organization that brings real tribal art to residential and office spaces - more about them in a future post!

Aren't those night pics of her garden so romantic? How about recreating her ideas for a special V-day garden rendezvous? ;)

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