Dressing up Lakshmi's Home

Antique clock looks great against the orange backdrop
I have been away from blogging for a really long time. I am sure you missed all the action here, I missed it too. It’s not like I was away traveling, just a new added job responsibility and social commitments that kept me on my toes. Believe me, I so longed to post something and catch up on all the blogger friend’s posts. Today, as I logged in to post a blog, I felt as if I just returned to my 'maika', the ultimate comfort zone :). With lots of posts queued up in the coming weeks, I am sure the blog will be buzzing again.

Don't you feel connected when you see snapshots of blogger homes? That is what I felt when I saw pictures of Lakshmi's home. I am sure you have read some wonderful posts at dressyourhome by Lakshmi. Today, we present some snapshots of her home. Her home reflects her penchant for all things beautiful and shows off her DIY skills. Do check them out.

Money Plant on the window sill
Decoupaged hanger from left over wood - loved this DIY
Hand painted terracotta done on Mishti Dahi pots. The three-legged frog is a lucky charm in Chinese culture. The rhino is from South Africa.

Tanjore Paintings done by Lakshmi

Loved the teaser poster and the spoon holder

This acrylic on canvas is a gift for her son who loves Winnie the Pooh.

If you are a Bangalorean (otherwise too :)), you'll love her blog coz she keeps updating it with latest decor trends in Bangalore.

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