Art that Smells Divine!

Coffee Art - Smells Divine!
 I met Indu Harikumar, a very talented and versatile artist online when I was doing some work related research. She works as a children’s writer, illustrator, and a craft teacher and blogs at conversationcompiler.

Believe me, I was completely bowled over when I saw the work she has created. Give her any any junk/discarded stuff and she will come up with a stunner. Some of my favorites are matchbox book, threeway bag and the ciggie book.

I have been following her work for quite some time now and felt it’s time to introduce this talented artist to The Key Bunch readers. I requested Indu to share the coffee-art tutorial on our blog and she gladly agreed. The tutorial is so easy that you may want to try it ASAP!

Over to Indu now…
If you love the smell of coffee, get ready to deck your walls with the aroma of coffee. Here's how

Black Coffee, Paintbrush, Paper

What you'll need:

1. Black coffee
2. Paintbrush
3. Paper

Make some nice, warm, aromatic black coffee and get started. Remember not to make your coffee too watery, unless you want a smudged effect.
Step 2 - Paint Outlines

Dip your paintbrush in your cuppa and paint the outlines. For a darker tint, go over your lines.

A dash of vermilion to add zing!

I decided to go with a single layer and to add a little bit of colour I added a dash of vermilion (Sindoor). This mixture works best when thick.
Final Effect
Once done, I couldn't help smelling my painting! :)
Now, wasn't that easy-peasy...why didn't I think of this earlier? Do remember to catch up on Indu's work on her blog.

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