Spring decor Inspiration Part 1

If spring lasted forever
I'd get out of bed whenever
Cause school would not exist
No winters in December
& snow I wouldn't miss

if spring lasted forever
I'd have no worries of sorts
because worries are for seasons
& Spring is love for short

if spring lasted forever

'I might add more'

                                        -  James Meaney 
Our Spring-Summer fest has come to an end, but I am so enamored with the lovely spring-themed decor that has come out this season! So here are a few posts dedicated to Spring!!

This first one is actually the Designer Guild's Spring collection of fabrics and wallpaper, but there is so much to learn from their styling shots! Such exuberance!And Oh! those wrought iron beds!

  What did you think? I didn't much care for the large prints  in that living room styling, but I loved the rest! I also think that anyone can put this look together...see how simple it can be!

For us out here in India, this is just the kind of sensible, cool decor to have in our homes during these sunny months! Stay tuned for another round of Spring inspiration soon!

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